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Whether you need a website or already have a site that you'd like to improve, AG Communications can help.

Since 1999, AG Communications has been creating, redesigning and improving web sites in and around Baltimore, Maryland.

All work begins with a thorough needs analysis, which ensures the finished website is effective in achieving the organization's goals.

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Our Philosophy

Whether your company is selling products online or simply providing information, having an online presence is a must. Having a website has become as important as having a phone number and business cards. Customers expect it.

For more than a decade, we've created customized, professional-looking websites for customers throughout the US. And, because we're a smaller company, have done so at extremely affordable rates. We understand that no two businesses are the same, so their websites should be equally unique.

What We Do

We develop, design, implement and update websites. We believe that the most important feature of a website is that it achieves whatever goals have been outlined during the development stage. To make sure this happens, we work with our clients to outline the goal(s) of the website before entering the design phase. This ensures that the design and layout of the website work collaboratively to do it's job - whatever that might be.

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Focusing on What Matters

The market is filled with web hosting companies that do a great job at low rates. So, we've elected to stay out of the web hosting business, which allows us to focus our energies on website development and design.

Over the years, we've dealt with countless web hosting companies, and have selected a few to be included in our Preferred Vendor List. When a website is ready for production, these companies are referred to our client. After a company is selected, we provide assistance in setting up the website and domain name with the web hosting company.


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